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2020 Color Trends For Your Home | The Top 4 Colors You Need This Year

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The colors that will have you running to the paint store this year!

I think this year we can all agree that we need a little color in our lives. What better way to upgrade your space by repainting rooms in your house and completely transforming your home? Maybe you’re interested in adding an accent wall or stepping out the lines and painting your trims and molding the same color as the walls. But whatever you’re painting, deciding on the perfect color can be a rather challenging decision. So I’ve done my research and compiled my top 4 color trends that you will want to consider for your home in 2020 and years to come.


Shades of cream are so popular this year. They are a great option to maintain a neutral home but still allow it to feel warm and cozy. I find cream makes me feel calm and content, the perfect color for a bedroom or kitchen but it really works great in any space. A trendy option in 2020 is painting the trim the same cream color as the walls and completing the space with taupe and stone accents which creates a sanctuary where you can unwind. I can see that these natural earthy tones are going to stay popular for years to come.


Evergreen has been a favorite of mine for a while now but I think a lot of people are timid of the color green. However, this year green is becoming much more prominent in homes with the strong desire people have to fill their homes with as many plants as possible (real and fake). Evergreen is a strong bold color which holds warmth. I personally love this color when used in a dining room or a study to create a sophisticated yet trendy vibe. It is a great color to use as an accent wall too as it compliments well with natural earthy tones which you would most likely use on the other walls. Tie the green dining room with brass accent pieces and dark mahogany wood I’m calling it: house goals!


Dark blue has always been a hot contender. It’s mostly seen in coastal properties because of its nautical persona, but in 2020 I’m seeing this color sail its way inland into all homes. Dark blue is a strong royal and sophisticated color which you really can’t go wrong with. I love to see it used in kitchens, especially as an accent island or a butler’s pantry. It is a great option if you are looking to add some color and create a pop in your room.   


I feel like brown has often been seen as a no go for pretty much anything in life. However, Taupe and shades of brown are soaring up the color charts and I am all for it. In fact, I am going to rank Taupe the number one must have for 2020. While it is warm and cozy, it remains neutral and earthy. I am loving Taupe for a living room complimented with black, deep brown, stone and cream accents. Actually I gotta dash because I am going to DIY my living room a gorgeous Taupe color right now!

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